I am interested in weaving different aspects of musical practice together into compositions; programming electronic sounds with max/msp or supercollider - scavenging for field-recordings - improvising with others - improvising alone in front of an audience - building instruments, working in the studio - writing orchestrations for small or large ensembles.


I enjoy creating things from elements not fully understood by myself, all the while being fervent in learning new things through experimentation. Music is a kind of alchemy in this way.


There is a certain place in spacetime that appears within infinitely small windows of time, envelopes of clarity one passes through at different moments in life - and these moments are linked together with a singular sensation peculiar to them.


Like a sudden realization of your place in the universe that is beyond words, a glimpse of wisdom drifting down a windy street that is too brief to comprehend but lingers long enough to feel.


In music this sensation coruscates through abrasiveness and spaciousness, the minimal and baroque, the mysteries of this abstract ancient ever-changing language are infinite and vast.